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The Special Education DataBook
Report Types
Currently the Special Education DataBook provides two types of reports: demographic and placement. Demographic reports provide statewide aggregates for both students with disabilities as well as nondisabled students by common demographic attributes including ethnicity, gender, limited English proficiency (LEP), economically disadvantaged status, and disability. Placement reports provide statewide aggregates for students with disabilities by federal instructional arrangement category, state instructional arrangement category, correctional facilities (includes nondisabled students), and private schools. Be sure to review any footnotes for additional information relevant to a specific report.
Report Submission
Reports are submitted via the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page. To run a report, simply move your mouse pointer over the report categories and choose from the pop-up submenus (indicated by white arrows). Upon clicking a report submenu item, the report will be executed.
Data Sources
All reports are based on the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) enrollment data collection. Also known as the "fall snapshot" collection, these data are collected from the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) on the last Friday of October each year.
The Special Education DataBook provides longitudinal reports by displaying the three most current years of data side by side in crosstab format. Each year when new PEIMS enrollment data are released, the DataBook is updated to reflect the most current data available. Typically this annual update will occur in June.
If you have questions or comments on the Special Education DataBook, feel free to email us at DataBook Support.
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